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Appliance removal services

Please fill out the form below to schedule an appliance removal if you live in or near any major city . Be sure to include the city and stateĀ  that you live in. Please note that appliances located upstairs or in the basement will cost an additional 25 dollars per applianceĀ  to be removed.

Free apply if you live outside of our coverage area. Click here if you live more that 15 miles from a major city

Appliance removal and disposal for $35

Appliance removal now is available in your city. Depending on your location, you can enjoy a $35 complimentary washer and dryer pick up, or $35 pickup of any major appliances no matter what condition they are in. This is a $35 appliance removal service and you will only be charged extra if you have appliances located upstairs or in the basement.

Are you moving out and need someone to dispose of your appliances? No need to look anymore. You can get your old appliances picked up for $35 the same day that you schedule a pickup. Keep in mind that this is a $35 service as long as you reside in the coverage area one of our associates who are on standby to come to your home or place of business to remove your old washing machine and dryer or any other major appliance so that you don’t have to struggle to get them out to the curbing. That’s correct. we handle all of the filthy work for you so that you can enjoy your day with other jobs that you might need to tend to.

appliance pick up

Old appliance removal is $35

Many businesses charge a fee to come to your dwelling to pick up your old and broken appliances. This can be expensive because sometimes people will have five or six appliances that need to be disposed of. All of these items can be picked up for $35 when you contact us for washing machine and dryer disposal. phone the number that is provided in this article, one of our representatives will get in contact you on the same day to set up a washer and dryer removal appointment. So click on the link that says contact now for a $35 washer and dryer pick up in your district


Appliance removal (what happens to my old appliances)

Your old and unwanted appliances are primarily tested to see what status they are in. This evaluation process causes your old appliances to fall into one of three categories. 1 Donated appliances 2. Broken appliances. 3. Junk appliances. Donated appliances are appliances that are found to be in first-rate condition when tested. They are cleaned up and sold to somebody who cannot afford to purchase a brand new set. This happens every once in a while because most of the time we are called to pick up a non-working washer or dryer. In this event, your appliance contribution recycles into a discount appliance that helps to meet the needs of a less fortunate family. Damaged appliances are appliances that just need to be fixed. These are the appliances that we pick up the most as not many individuals will call for pick up of a functional appliance. Broken appliances are still sold after fixing and cleaning. Scrap appliances are appliances that are of no use to anyone and thus they end up in the scrap or recycle facility. Under no circumstances does your appliances end up in the local land-fill.


Free washing machine and dryer removal and pick up.

You may ask, what is the difference between appliance removal and appliance pick up? Appliance removal is more laborious than Appliance pick up because this calls for disconnecting lines and hoses and then maneuvering the appliance across the residence in order to securely and safely remove them. Depending on how gruelling it is to get your appliances out of the house, our appliance pick up affiliates reserve the right to charge you a fee for removal. This is only in situations when your appliances are located upstairs or in a basement. Appliance pick up is different in that your appliances are outside of the house already or located in the garage ready to be picked up. In either instance, we can aid so call us today to click the link that says contact to set up an appliance pick up appointment.


washer and dryer pick up

washer and dryer pick up

To schedule your $35 appliance removal, fill out the form above and you will be contacted within the hour by a company or individual in your local area. Please note that a dishwasher cannot be picked up unless it is accompanied by another major appliance.


Refrigerator pick up

When it comes to refrigerators, we understand that things can get out of hand when trying to do appliance removal. That’s why we offer it for $35 if you live in or near any major city. To get your refrigerator picked up for $35 simply fill out the form above.


If your refrigerator has a considerable amount of mold, bacteria or an unbearable putrid odor then you have a hazardous material situation that must be handled by waste management systems in your city. Please contact them for such removals and disposal.
Refrigerator pick up

Refrigerator pick up

appliance pick up

appliance pick up



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