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Appliance pickup

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appliance pickup
appliance pickup

Appliance pickup is a done deal when you schedule a pick up with us. Did you know that your appliance junk is our joy. Try us a see. When you fill out the form provided on this website, a local company or individual will contact you within an hour to schedule a $35 appliance pickup. And you don’t have to lift a finger when help arrives. All we ask is that you provide the associate with a clear path to and from the appliances in order to prevent any damage to your home or property.

Appliance pickup (what appliances do we accept)




We accept all makes and models of major appliances no matter what condition they are in. Please note that a refrigerator that has a missing compressor does not qualify for appliance pickup and is in violation of EPA laws.  If there is water left in your washer that is not a problem so long as you let the associate know before he arrives so that he or she can bring the necessary equipment to extract the water. A dishwasher must be accompanied by another major appliance in order to qualify for appliance pickup. No associate will drive across town just to dispose of a dishwasher since this will be wasting fuel that could be used on other more profitable appliance pickup appointments.

Appliance pickup (why are my appliances not being picked up)

There are certain instances where you might not hear from an associate within the allotted time of 1 hour. Some of the reasons for delayed appliance pickup are:

  1. Your home or place of business is located outside of the coverage area of one of our associate. In this case, you will receive a message stating so. Our associates cover all major cities only so if you live in a small town over 30 miles away from a big city then you might get a text message that states “Sorry but your home or place of business is beyond the coverage area of one of our associates”.
  2. The associate is overwhelmed with appliance pickup runs and is having trouble getting to you. You will be contacted to inform you if this is the case.
  3. You have not provided a city and state on the form. This seems to be the number reason for not hearing from an associate. To help speed up your appliance pickup appointment, please include a city and state on the form.
  4. Your provided the wrong phone number on the form. Please note that the associate will not head out unless he hears from someone at the residence who can confirm the appliance pickup request. So if you provide the wrong phone number then we will have no way of confirming the appointment.


appliance pick up
appliance pick up


There is an associate on standby waiting hear from you concerning your appliance pickup. Fill out the form now and a local associate will contact you to schedule your $35 appliance pickup appointment. Save money by choosing a company or individual that will offer your $35 appliance pickup.





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